Move in to a new house? Planning to sell your cave-we mean property? In both cases you need a good relator. What’s a relator? A realtor simply put is a real estate agent. What makes a realtor good? Well, good question, we’re here with you to find out just what makes a realtor good.


Finding a good realtor!

Spokesperson? Nope, they just communicate!

-We’re talking about money and your property, therefore it comes to no surprise that it can be stressful to work with an agent who does not communicate. Time is gold especially in the real estate industry, so you’ll have to find an agent who communicates. They need to tell you where you stand with your current selling and/or buying situation so you can swiftly move on to another buyer and property.

Lazy, nope no place for you! 

-Your agent has to be proactive. Calling your prospective buyers, communicating with customers and chasing new leads, that’s definitely a proactive realtor. You should be well-informed, and that is a key element of a proactive agent.

You talk, they listen

-Your agent should be able to warn you about different things such as a really talkative agent. Agents should have a good ear! You should be able to talk freely with your needs and requests and in turn they should listen to you so they can ask all the questions and definietely not the other way around.

Client motivated

-When you get a good deal, your agent gets a good deal. It’s basically a win-win situation! A good agent will always put you-their client- as top priority. They should make you feel supported and happy not stressed!

Can easily adapt to their clients needs

-Your agent could be a mind reader, do you know that? A good agent must be able to “read” their client. We have technology and smartphones, communication could be made in different ways, e-mail, perhaps even a quick text. A responsible agent must know their client’s preferred method of communication so clients won’t feel ignored.

They know their clients time frame

-In order to build a good client/agent relationship is knowing time sensitivity like an old friend.  Agents must know whether or not their clients are in a hurry to sell, isn’t in a rush to sell or shop around or maybe they want to take time and wait for better fish from the great ocean.

They know their customers selling motivation.

-A good agent must also know why their clients are selling or buying properties. They need to think about their clients, if they are selling to buy or investing? It also helps to know whether their clients are sentimentally attached to the property. A good agent will be able to detect the difference between selling and investing and should be able to adapt accordingly.

They aren’t afraid to give you their past clients as references

-You’ll know you picked a good agent if they are willing to use their past clients as an example. You could ask them for testimonials from their past clients, not hand-picked but literally the last 20 or so clients. They should be able to give you positive feedback from any of their previous clients.

You have all these to check and worry about, let us help you with that! The Realtor in Haddonfield are reliable and fit all the characteristic listed above.