Real estate is just like any other business in this big world. Truthfully it is a very big deal, and every transaction must be conducted seriously bearing in mind the significant financial and emotional consequence from both the buyer and seller. But with the services of technology and gadgets, sometimes people have to ask ‘Do I still need a realtor?’ and we’re here to answer just that!

All the reasons why you still need a realtor

All the reasons why you still need a realtor!

It is convenient

-You might just confusing a realtor and a telephone! Realtor’s full time job is to act as a messenger between buyers and sellers. Meaning they have all the access to a seller’s properties through other agents. If you want to buy then your agent has to hunt down other properties that will suite your taste through other agents. Sure, you could do that on your own, but bear in mind that this business requires the Flash’s like speed so potential buyers or seller may more on to the next hunter if you can’t respond quickly.

The witchcraft of negotiating

-Availing help from agents or realtors could make transactions transparent where in both parties could see each other’s interest which some people may find as a disadvantage. A real estate can be both your guardian angel and a bad guy. They could tell the other parties agent about you ill feelings toward the décor without insulting the homeowner; or they could also prevent bad blood to form. You could be rejected by the homeowner simply because personal reasons.  An agent can help by speaking for your stead.

Contracts are too hot to handle!

Contracts will act as your shield just like how Captain America has his, the offered purchase contract is there to ensure you that you will be permitted to back out of the deal if you find that conditions aren’t met. Your agent deals with contracts and conditions and they have mastered the art of wielding a contract’s power, from when to use it to protect you to when to pull out before your in danger!

They have embodied Pinocchio, they can’t lie!

Okay, maybe they actually can but because of their license they will be bound to common law which is to act on their client’s best intentions or interests and definitely not theirs! And when you do know they’ve lied you can get away with more avenues or you have the option to take it to court if you have proven the lies your agent has sprouted and you’ve made sur that they’ve failed to uphold their duties.


You’ve got all these options. Go independent, trust online sites and listings or hire professional help. By the end of the day, you’ve always got the final say. Good luck in your decision making dilemma and as Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games say, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”