Everything is readily accessible online, that’s basically old news. Now, we’ve talked about what qualities must a realtor have in order to be called good. And we’re pretty sure, you’ve asked yourself ‘why hire a real estate agent?’ sure you could do well on your own when selling your properties, but some don’t. Check out all these reasons why you should hire a real estate agent.


Why should I hire a realtor?

Education and Experience

  • The best thing about hiring a professional realtor is the fact that you don’t have to know everything! You could leave it to the hands of your agent.

Agents act like filters

  • Agents will filter out the spam so you will no longer have to deal with phone calls that leads to nowhere.

Neighborhood knowledge

They can find information and buzz around the neighborhood such as comparable sales.

Price Guidance

-Agents don’t pick the price for you, they are there to guide you make right decisions. They help you especially when pricing the property so you won’t over or underprice these properties.

Market Conditions Informant

-Agents can give you valuable information that you probably can’t, such as the average cost per square foot in similar homes, average days on market and sales price average, which will then have a huge weight to consider when you do decide what you want to do.

Professional Networking

-They’re a team and they work with other professionals. However because of legal liability, most agents are hesitant to relay or work with other individuals or companies. They can however give you a list of individuals they have worked with in the past and can provide background information to help you make a wise decision.

Negotiation skills and confidentiality

-Agents negotiate well. Unlike sellers and buyers they can detach themselves from the emotional part of the transactions. They too aren’t messengers and they hold their clients information from other competing interests.


-Aside from the stress of finding a buyer or seller, there is paperwork you have to think about. Well, not to worry, realtors can file an average of one to three inches of paper because a simple slip can land you in court or even a whole in your pocket!

Answers questions after closing

-Smooth rides can have a bumpy road down the journey! The transactions that close with no complications whatsoever can come back and haunt you, it maybe because of taxes or document stamps. You could have questions pop up that you’ve overlooked due to the excitement of closing the deal. Realtors are there to save you like how Spiderman saves Mary Jane.


Have we given you enough reasons why you should hire realtors? Well, we happen to have realtors that won’t make you regret hiring one! Here’s how you can contact us as well as more information about us.